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packaging and storage

We will help package your goods with special emphasis on fragile goods.


We have the right caring, experience and dedicated professional for you.

worldwide transport

We take your goods/Pets wherever you want them to go. The choice is yours.


Need more time before or after shipment? Make use of our warehouses..

Air Delivery

Need speed? take advantage of our air delivery and save time and money.

Forwarding Services

We provide forwarding services to all our clients around the globe.


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Why People Choose Us

Fast Worldwide delivery

Need speed? take advantage of our services and save time and money. We deliver the goods/Pets of our clients to over 180+ Countries very fast without Delay.

Safety & Compliance

Your goods are safe with us. We are very flexible with our prices and we comply to the wish or command of our clients

24/7 Support

With an award winning customer support you stand a chance to have the greatest experience in logistics ever. We respond to our clients on time and we're always available for them 24/7..

The Team

I am amazed. I am now comfortable that my goods can reach me on time. it's really swift and rapid. Thanks to ...
Adam Sendler
I want to thank you soo much for keeping your word. all went well and Now I am going to delivery everything through you. Thank you again and I was really impressed...
Mila Kunis
How Amazing how you guys delivered so early i thought it was going to take time but i was wrong. Thanks so much DS Translogistics Services you are the best i can ever use and ask anyone out there.
Mike Sendler